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Our team are accredited thermal performance, energy efficiency and solar design consultants. We provide a range of Assessment, Auditing and Certification Services. 

natHERS Star Ratings

NatHERS Energy Assessments.

NatHERS stands for the National House Energy Rating Scheme. It is a Government program that has been developed to certify the energy efficiency of new homes and renovations via a star rating. 

These assessments are predominantly used when you are applying for building approvals with your local LGA. 

The bulk of this assessment relates to the thermal performance of a home, and it’s ability to minimise heating and cooling loads. 

Our energy assessments go further than compliance, and help clients to eliminate grid electricity. 

Find out more about natHERS Assessments. 

Residential Efficiency Scorecard

Residential Efficiency Scorecard.

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard was originally developed by the Victorian Government and has now been adopted Australia wide. We have recently graduated to become Nationwide Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessors. 

This type of Assessment is targeted at existing home owners, who are looking to find out how to improve the efficiency of their home. 

It is also used in new homes in addition to the natHERS star rating. The Assessment is valuable for new homes, as it takes in to account thermal performance and major energy consuming appliances. 

Find out more about our residential efficiency scorecard assessments.

FREE Home Energy Audit. 

For a limited time, we are offering a light version of our residential assessments completely free of charge. 


In the face of out of control energy price increases, wouldn’t it be nice if you could; 

  • Know if you are on the best energy plan for your needs? 
  • Find out simple ways to reduce your need for heating and cooling?
  • Know if your solar power system is working for you?
  • Know whether a battery is the right move for you?
  • Find out which appliances are consuming the most energy in your home?

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